Sign In

For the first time log in, you are required to set up multiple layers of security verifications before you can get into the Everus wallet dashboard, protecting your data and account from active threats.

1) Fill in your email address and password.

2) Enter the 6-digit verification code generated by Google Authenticator.

3) You are required to create a 4-digit wallet access code.

4) You will see an option to unlock your wallet with your fingerprint. Click "Activate" to proceed or click "I'll do this later" to skip. Place your finger on the fingerprint scanner of your device to set up.

5) You are required to set up your 6-digit TRANSACTION PIN by pairing your SECURE KEY. Click "OK" to proceed or click "I'll do this later" to skip. Enter the SECURE KEY that is sent to your email.

6) Once paired, please create your 6-digit TRANSACTION PIN code.

7) Success! You are now on the main dashboard of the Everus Wallet.

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