KYC Guides

A Guide on Completing the Everus KYC Verification

1. Log in to your Everus Wallet by inserting your credentials.

2. Go to the “Update KYC” section on the left tab.

3. Check the box as a sign of consent and begin the KYC verification.

Figure 1. Begin KYC Verification

4. Select country of issuance and your selected document type (Passport , Government ID or Driving License ).

5. Fill in the blanks with the required personal information.

Figure 2. Select country & fill in the blanks

6. Upload a picture of your document and make sure the content is visible and readable.

Note: Your ID should also be written in English for faster and easier KYC approval.

Figure 3. Upload chosen document

7. Take a selfie while holding your document and a piece of paper stating the validity of the information given.

Figure 4. Selfie with chosen document

8. The KYC verification process takes 1 to 7 working days. Contact customer support if you experience any difficulties.

Figure 5. Document under review

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