Secure Key
Upon registering and verifying your Everus wallet, you will receive your SECURE KEY by email.
Your SECURE KEY is a 20-character password string that allows you to transfer your cryptocurrencies when you are performing a transaction via the desktop web browser.

Lost Secure Key

Should you require a new SECURE KEY while using your Everus Wallet on any desktop browser, please follow the below steps to request & we will send you a new SECURE KEY by email:
    Access your Everus Wallet Dashboard and select "Send" button to try to make a transaction first
    Enter "Recipient" wallet address (you may cancel this transaction after request your new SECURE KEY)
    Enter "Amount" of funds to send
    Enter "Transaction Notes"
    Click "Confirm" button to proceed to request your new SECURE KEY
    You will now be asked to enter your SECURE KEY, simply click on "Request SECURE KEY"
    We will send you a new SECURE KEY by email
    If you still wish to continue sending your transaction, you have to key in your new SECURE KEY. Or you may cancel the transaction after retrieving your new SECURE KEY successfully by email.
Note: Kindly be informed that this request is available on the desktop web browser only.
Keep it safe We advise you to store your SECURE KEY and record them physically or digitally in a secure device. It is recommended to delete the secure keys email as well subsequently to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

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